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A pool liner will last 12 to 15 years in southern Australia.

In hotter climates, it is more likely to be nine to 13 years. Maintenance also has a huge impact on the life expectancy of the liner (click here to learn more about liner care).

The oldest we’ve seen is 26 years.

All pool surfaces – concrete/tiled, fibreglass and pool liners – can suffer long term damage if they are abused.

It’s not uncommon to find damage caused by the kids pole-vaulting with a vacuum pole, or from using the pole as a spear.

It’s worth setting rules early on about what can be used in and around the pool.

In theory, yes, but Liner Pool Renovations suggests leaving it to an expert for the best possible (and frustration-free) finish.

Allow about two weeks from start to finish.

Each pool must be precisely measured so the liner can be tailor-made for your pool.

Once the liner is ready and pool surface prepared, it only takes a day or two of fitting before your pool can be filled.

Like all building projects, the closer to Christmas you wait to place an order, the longer the project can take to complete.

The conditions must be dry (with no sign of rain) and the pool liner surface should be around 24C. If rain or drizzle is forecast, don’t risk it. Wait for a day with fine weather conditions.

Yes, underwater patches are available. Your liner supplier has matching material and the right underwater glue.

Yes but it is important to act as soon as it is noticed. If the problem is treated early, the repair is minor.

If you wait for many months, the liner will have shrunk and it will not be able to be stretched back into place.

The risk of this happening is very small if your liner is installed correctly.

Building your own pool is both challenging and rewarding but it is important to get expert advice and plan carefully.

You’re most welcome to ask Liner Pool Renovations for help to make your dream pool become a reality.

Liner Pool Renovations replaces swimming pool liners throughout Western Australia. We’ve travelled from Esperance as far north as Port Hedland.

Give us a call and we’ll help wherever and however we can.

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