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Vinyl Pool Liner Repairs

The existing lining of your swimming pool may be compromised for various reasons.

We have seen many liners damaged from vandalism, general accidents with sharp objects or quite commonly from pool poles also pool cleaners that are inappropriate for liners and in other instances where the pool liner has simply come away from the track.

Whatever the reason an inspection of the pool liner will be required to assess the extent of the damage and whether it is a matter of repairing or in some instances the damage is far too extensive and replacement may be the only option.

At Pool Liner Renovation we have repaired hundreds of liners over many years and our expertise will give you piece of mind knowing that our recommendations will be cost effective advice from the right solution.

Where appropriate we will happily give advice and recommendation even if it is just over the phone on how you can repair the damage yourself otherwise we consult with you clearly and honestly on the repair options and process required without hidden surprises.

Why Choose Us

Pool Liner Renovations are the first class option for vinyl lined swimming pool repairs.


Over 20 yrs expertly repairing pool liners

Honest and Reliable

Complete repair option fully explained

Competitive Pricing

Long term cost effective solutions

Don't Wait Until Its To Late

Act Now

If you suspect damage don’t leave it too long to do anything about it as you may find that a simple repair may turn into a replacement. Call us today for our expert advice

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